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Roger C. Winkle

Project Brief

About The Client

With a reputable legacy spanning over three decades, Roger C. Winkle not only stands as a seasoned architect but is also known for delivering top-tier architectural services. We enjoyed collaborating with Roger and his staff to establish a strong web presence.

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Two screenshots of Roger C. WInkle's prototype website
Project Ideas

The Solution

Our primary goal was to craft a website that catered to Roger C. Winkle’s multi-target audience – contractors, homeowners, developers, and large corporations alike.

Roger expressed his vision for the site to showcase his services and eventually facilitate the display and sale of floorplans.

To effectively meet the requirements while ensuring cost-efficiency, we used the capabilities of PrestaShop, an open-source e-commerce platform. Our team designed a custom version of this platform to align with Roger’s business needs and future goals. The end result was an interactive website that bridged Roger’s services with his diverse audience, all while laying the groundwork for future plans.

Project Final

The Results

This strategic move gave Roger C. Winkle a robust website that also empowers his business with the tools to engage, cater to, and potentially monetize his services in the future.

Screenshot of the completed website design for Roger C. Winkle.