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BBDO New York

Project Brief

The Details

Imagine a web design project that transcends borders, connecting over 200 global offices through a centralized platform – a space where knowledge, experiences, and insights are shared.

Introducing the BBDO Connect project. It embodies connectivity. BBDO hired Victor to work with a team of talented developers and designers with the task of transforming digital interaction for BBDO employees around the globe.

Logo for a marketing business called BBDO
A person writing a flowchart on a whiteboard
Project Ideas

The Solution

This combination of technologies and creativity formed the foundation of BBDO Connect.

A challenge faced by the team at BBDO was to efficiently manage content shared from over 200 offices. To address this with WordPress, a custom content tagging and filter system was designed and developed to optimize the user experience. This feature empowered offices worldwide to tailor content based on location and unique preferences, resulting in a truly personalized experience.

Project Final

The Result

While the inner workings and features remain confidential, BBDO Connect stands as a testament to Victor’s commitment to collaboration and pushing the boundaries of technologies.

BBDO Connect completed project with screenshots