Now that you know just how important a website is for your business, chances are, you’ll be flailing about trying to get yourself one. Actually, how does one get a website for a business? If you, like the average Joe, are oblivious to the back-end of creating your own website, here are the hoops a business owner typically has to jump through to get their business a website:

Step 1: Get website hosting

Get a web hosting subscription from a web hosting service of your choice. With a web hosting service you are basically “renting” space online to connect your website to the internet and make it accessible the world. Therefore this step is absolutely essential. There’s no way around it.
Among the many hosting providers available, I’d recommend Webflow. They are extremely reliable, fast and easy to use. Best of all, you can create your website before paying anything at all. Also, it’s ideal if you want to build a website to your liking without the hassle of having to learn to code. Webflow has powerful tools to help you build unique websites. Check them out

Step 2: Register domain name

Pick a domain name (URL) for your website, and register it through a domain name registrar like once you’ve confirmed its availability (also done through your chosen registrar). Most web hosting services also offer domain registration services and domain names for sale, which may also be worth looking in to.

Step 3: Connect domain to hosting

Connect your domain name to your web hosting service (if you used different services to register your domain name and get web hosting – if you used the same service, you may skip this step).

Step 4: Install CMS

Install a Content Management System or website builder (WordPress, Wix, Joomla, or whatever tickles your fancy).

Step 5: Design website

Design – or hire someone to design – your website’s web pages (About, Contact Us pages and the like), either using a theme from your CMS or from scratch.

Step 6: Configure website

Configure the finer workings of your website (such as how navigation will work and how content will be displayed), and test everything out.

Step 7: Add Content

Publish your website and start adding content.

Sounds like a bit of a hassle, doesn't it?

Well, if you’ll look closely, you were told these were the hoops a business owner typically has to jump through to get their business a website. We here at Creative Services strive to get our clients the websites they desire without putting them through any straining trials. When you hire us to build your website, there are only two steps you have to go through to get your website: contact us, and talk to us about your needs. We take care of all the rest – from hosting your website to designing its web pages – and we are able to do so because we use Webflow.
Webflow is more than just a website builder – it is a complete website building solution. Not only does Webflow offer web hosting services, it is a powerful and versatile website builder that requires zero programming knowledge to update content since it doubles as a complete Content Management System. Webflow enables us to provide our clients with fully functional websites that have been specifically tailored to their wishes and are also hosted under the same roof. Be on the lookout for next week’s addition to our blog, which will outline and discuss the key elements of a good website.